Fairylights Elopement

Fairylights Elopement in Santorini

But why Greece? 

Rock is actually half Greek so it simply felt natural for him to eternalize his love here. And Christina was immediately on board with the idea, utterly excited to have a Santorini elopement. If you are wondering how to elope to Santorini, we hope that their love story will inspire your vision. What was unique about this special day were all the meaningful details that made the whole celebration even more extraordinary. Starting from the venue, they planned their elopement in the majestic

Vallais Villa that is nestled in the charming village of Imerovigli. Can we say that the view from here is just one-of-a-kind and otherworldly? Standing on the terrace feels like being on top of the world. Naturally, Rock and Christina picked this place to host their romantic ceremony and intimate dinner. The relaxed modern boho feel of their Santorini elopement   ceremony complimented the surroundings perfectly.

With the talented vision of the planner Divine Weddings Santorini , this couple tailored their special day.

Rock was patiently waiting for Christina to come, and when she did, boy he was in for a surprise. His emotions took over and overwhelmed him – he couldn’t wait to say I do and be married to the love of his life!

The crowns

However, saying their vows was their most heartwarming moment. The fact that he made the flower crowns on his own for the most important day of their lives is saying tons about how much he loves her – which we think was the sweetest. Those crowns are traditionally Greek and are called Stefana. When the ceremonial act began, their love was crowned with these gorgeous handmade pieces and the opulent rings by Forever Artisans. In fact, the same brand designed their proposal ring as well!

Rock asked her thoughts on marquise diamond rings, and Christina was overjoyed by the idea as her mother and grandmother have also worn such engagement rings. Envisioned with a modern touch while also staying classic, she chose her beautiful rose gold design.

After their Santorini elopement ceremony, we took the time to wander with the couple and portray their love. Ensnaring the landscapes and their romance was truly a match made in heaven. As the sunset was fading, it added a more ethereal flair to their session, until we transitioned to their intimate dinner. Hosted on the terrace of Vallais Villa, the setting featured a stellar atmosphere with all the glimmering lights. A perfect romantic affair for this crazy, madly in love couple! We hope you will fall in love with this Santorini elopement as much as we did!

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