A pampas elopement in Santorini

A pampas elopement in Santorini

Are you dreaming of a pampas elopement ? If so, then this love story is definitely for you ! Angela and Sebastian love Santorini and adore pampas. So, can you think of a better idea than eloping at your dream place with a setup that speaks straight to your heart?  Well, that’s exactly what they did.

They’ve been together since they were teenagers, so after some years, they decided to elope. They are not fans of big weddings, so an elopement somewhere in the world was an one-way decision for them. And if you wonder Why Santorini ? Well the answer is easy to guess. Angela is in love with the beauty of this Greek island and when it came to make the decision of their elopement place, they already knew..

They initially planned to get married in May 2020, on their Anniversary, but covid19 changed their plans. So they did it 1,5 year later but yet at the very same location. It was Santorini or nothing !

When we met them they were both so relaxed and so excited. One of these days in your life when you cannot believe that you are actually living the day. Two young people that kept the faith to their dream and the whole universe did its best to compensate them. What a day..Angela chose a Grace Loves Lace wedding gown and she couldn’t have chosen better ! Looked gorgeous !

The weather in Santorini was amazing and their mood at its best. As for the “behind the scenes” team, Juliaandevita worked hard to create some magic one more time. And they certainly did ! And now,  in front of the unique view of the Caldera, Sebastian is waiting , for the first time, to see his love, as a bride. His reaction is everything ! Surprise, happiness and pure love. You can clearly see all these emotions in his eyes. A special moment that they will always remember.

The first part of the photoshoot took place in Imerovigli. Because when you are in Santorini you sure want to have pictures with the white houses and the blue domes. And as the time went by and the light became warm, this was the best time of the day for them to exchange their vows. Can you think of anything better than the golden hour in Santorini ? Guess not !

An amazing setup totally made by pampas. Cause that’s exactly how a pampas elopement should look like! As for the ceremony, no, there is no typical arch for our couple. Instead, there is “sunshine” made with pampas and fairyliphts. And it was custom made for Angela and Sebastian. Perfection! Beautiful moments, unique feelings and tears of happiness. And at the end, the first kiss as newlyweds in front of the most breathtaking view. Can this be more romantic ? No way!

A few moments lates, we did have the last part of our photoshoot. Now the background was so different with a golden sunset and the earthy tones in our pics. Cause the best light means the best photos. And that’s exactly what we had!

For the end, the dream team created the most romantic dinner for two at the Cocoon suites. Candles, fairylights and a couple so crazy in love. Lost in the moment of their first dance and a few moments later enjoying their champagne overlooking the caldera view. No words needed.. just tryied to realise what’s really happened. Was it true or they were still dreaming ? Angela and Sebastian were double happy cause they made their dream come true. Their dreamy pampas elopement had finally become true.

Against all the postponements and disappointments they did it. Would you ?
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