Winter Engagement in Santorini

No matter what time of year it is, an engagement photoshoot in Santorini is always a good idea. For those who haven’t seen the island in winter time, we would definitely recommend it! The stunning Caldera view and the imposing Volcano are always compose a breathtaking backgroung. And it is even more beautiful when you can enjoy it in a more quite way. That was one of the reasons that made Samuel and Claris book their Santorini trip for January. It was Samuel’s desire who wanted to see the island, given the fact that Claris had been there once again in the past. We met early at the noon. We walked around the island and took some beautiful pictures in many different spots. They both were in a very good mood and really excited by the wild beauty all around them. The scenery was completely different from what they are used to see everyday in their home country, Singapore. The photoshoot ended up with some beautiful images of the spectacular sunset. Last but not least, I could not skip one last , but very important, detail. Through our previous communication via mails, Claris was aware of my son’s 7th birthday. I could not be more surprised when I realized that they brought me a Lego game, all the way from Singapore! I can not thank you enough for your trust and kindness . Samuel and Claris, wish you all the best for your upcoming wedding !

we wish you the best
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