Spring wedding in Santorini

Spring Wedding in Santorini ? Could you ever think of something better than that? Well, Bruno and Linda thought exactly the same way and that was enough to make them do it. He is French and she is Italian. They’ve been together for the last years and they live in Paris ever since. When they decided to get married , they had the same thought : Santorini. Unfortunately, some practical issues made it really hard to become true. And that was the time when the perfect chance came across. A Mediterranean Cruise that would stroll around the Greek islands. Yes, from the very first time it seemed so idyllic to them. They would get married in their beloved Santorini and there would be just the two of them. Is there any better way to make it happen ? Any better way to surprise all their lovings? Any better way to make your dream come true? And just like that, they arrived in the beautiful island on a warm day of late May..

The couple had nothing to worry about , everything was planned and coordinated by the talented team of Revazion Wedding Planners. Linda looked so happyin her romantic wedding gown. Beautiful hair and bouquet , decorated with real olive leaves. Everything was palin and beautiful. The ceremony took place at the amazing Villa Irini , in Fira and after having some cold champagne , we took some beautiful portraits in Fira and Imerovigli. Washed out houses, narrow alleys, blue dome chapels and of course the breathtaking view of the Caldera. Bruno and Linda had only eyes for each other. Never again, have they dreamed of their wedding to be so wonderful. When the leaved with thei Cruise Ship, they were overwhelmed with the most beautiful images and feelings .. After all, that’s how weddings should make us feel, right ?

we wish the best to the couple

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