A Traditional Sifnos Wedding

A Traditional Sifnos Wedding
A traditional wedding in Sifnos in the church of Panagia Chrysopigi. Sifnos is the idyllic Greek island for your wedding and the pictures were so beautiful

      A traditional Sifnos wedding. We love it! Every time we receive an inquiry for a wedding in Sifnos, our happiness is indescribable! That’s exactly what happened when Elpida and Alex contacted us about their wedding in the beautiful island. Sifnos is a small island in the Cyclades complex and it has all the elements you expect to see from a small Greek island. White houses, blue sky, imaginative beaches and really good food. 

     But yet, Sifnos is so much more than that. There is something about this island that immediately steals your heart. A hidden charm that can not be described in words. And there’s really no need to try and find the right words. Cause, simply, words sometimes are not enough. All you have to do is watch, feel, breath..and then you will understand what Sifnos is all about. So, can you imagine your traditional wedding in Sifnos ?

      Elpida is a Greek girl who met Alex in Stockholm. They’ve been together ever since. They live in Sweden. And their wedding in Greece was just a matter of time because Sifnos had all they wanted for their big event. So, the decision was so easy to make.

     Elpida got prepared at the beautiful Verina Suites overlooking the Aegean. She looked so beautiful in her Constantino Bridal dress.  At the same time, Alex got ready at a traditional hotel in Kamares. On a sunny, warm afternoon at late June, good friends and families gathered at the picturesque white chapel of Panagia Chrysopigi. This beautiful, little church is located at the edge of a rock and when the winds are strong the waves fall on the rocks and the spectacle is really unique. Fortunately, the day was awesome and the guests were lucky enough to enjoy the summer breeze and take some selfies while waited for the bride to come. 

And there she is. Arriving in the absolute Greek way. By boat. Such a strong moment to see him waiting for her, surrounded by his good friends who traveled thousands of miles just to be with them is this moment. Priceless moments, memorable pictures. 

After the Orthodox ceremony and tones of rice on their heads, the couple had some pictures with families and friends and left for a photoshoot in the beautiful island. First stop, an amazing olive grove. Elpi loves olive groves so we had to make it happen. Lots of laughters and beautiful images. Second stop, a monastery with the most spectacular view and the best sunset light we could ask for. Honestly, we enjoyed every minute with these 2..

Ending of the day, a party at Drimoni Restaurant in Apollonia, close to the Chora of Sifnos. Emotional speeches, lots of dancing and a surprise song by the groom to his beautiful wife. Alex had his way  to make everybody cry with the song he wrote and sang especially for his girl. Cause he is an incredible song writer and singer too. Did we mention? No? Well, he certainly is! 

A warm night under the sky of Sifnos was so magical and touching.

And that night we thought to our self “Sifnos wedding ? Yes! A strong Yes from us” .


So, this traditional Sifnos wedding was their dream that came true.
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