Santorini Dream

When your Santorini dream come true.. Really, how does it feel when one of your dreams come true.. how does it feel when it’s time to erase one more destination from your bucket list.. According to Lexy, it feels great! And how wouldn’t, when you are only 20 and you manage to travel from Arizona to Santorini ! Lexy and Cody is a young couple from the States who traveled all the way to Santorini in order to live their dream. So young, so fresh and so beautiful. When we met in Imerovigli they were so excited with the photoshoot. They couldn’t stop smiling. Eventhough, the temperature was on top , on that day, it did not ruin their amazing mood. We talked a lot and what I had in mind while talking with them, was how great the twenties are..

For a while, I mentally transfered my body back then..oh! for just a few seconds, I did it.. I swear I did it! And that little moment made my day. When we finished, both sides were really excited. For different reasons, but excited. Eversince, everytime i see  their pictures I feel wonderful! Is it ok or not.. I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter. What really matters to me, is that I ,once again, realized that through my work I meet people from all around the world who give me the sense that I can do anything. The world is mine. And I always come to the same conclusion. I am really blessed doing this for living..

thank you for your trust
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