Naxos beach wedding

Naxos beach wedding.  The best title for this wedding. Imposing mountains , green valleys , beautiful beaches , impressive monuments – what’s not to love about Naxos Island ?

Naxos, because…

    Mira and Valentin’s  beach wedding perfectly reflected their love for this Island . Our beloved couple has a special bond with Naxos. And what’s more beautiful than sharing their feelings  for this island with their family and friends ? That’s why they chose this hidden gem to celebrate this day.  “ What’s more important to me is to spent this day with my friends and family. To show them Naxos and make them see why we love this island so much “ Mira told us .

But what is it that really inspired them and made them love this island ? “ We are both passionate about Greek Mythology . We fell in love with Naxos on our first trip to Greece .We love the culture ,the island , its peacefulness , its sunsets ,the food , the beaches . We’ve been going there every year since 2018”. More memories are to be made on this beautiful island , which will remain forever in everyone’s heart !

   On the wedding day

Mira and Valentin got ready separetly  in their hotel room at Ayiopetra Exclusive Getaway . This place match perfectly to our couple’s aesthetic ! The bride wore a classy  Nicole Milano wedding gown. With an impressive bow on the back of the dress. She was ready to meet Valentin for the first look! Their eyes met and in that instant , they knew that they were meant to be together. Their hearts were overflowing with joy …they shared a knowing smile and they were ready for this special day to begin !

The ceremony..

       With the sun setting over the shimmering Aegean Sea , friends and family came together to celebrate this day on the beach in front of Paradiso Taverna . As the bride and groom saw each other they we’re lost in a moment of pure  love. And they knew that they were about to embark on a journey that would last a lifetime !

    They exchanged their vows , surrounded by the people who means the most for them. Mira and Valentin feeling that sense of joy and happiness that words cannot describe . It was a simple and intimate ceremony as our couple wished  . The definition of a Naxos beach wedding !

   After the ceremony , they all gathered to enjoy cocktails and delicious food. They laughed and talked enjoying  each others company and basking in the beauty of the island and the warmth of the sun . As the day turns into evening , the golden sun painted the sky with a stunning palette of orange and pink  . It was the perfect setting for some photos  . As the newlyweds stood hand in hand we captured the perfect moments that will be cherished for a lifetime .The stunning scenery of Naxos was the perfect backdrop for this magical moment!

   The sun finally dipped below the horizon the couple was ready for dinner and party  ! Kallina weddings did their best again and from start to finish , every detail reflected their desired greek mythology theme ! Stunning candles and beautiful colour palette .

The dinner..

    After the dinner and the speeches they danced and signed , celebrating their love and the bond that they shared with the closest to them . At beautiful Yazoo Summer Bliss A simple , intimate and beautiful  wedding day in this  island came to an end…Naxos will forever hold a special place in our hearts  

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