Mykonos stylish wedding

Bonny & Kent

A Mykonos wedding of last summer. A stunning  wedding took place in Mykonos island last summer . After Kent proposed to Bonny 4 years ago in Paris , the pair decided to  tie the knot in Mykonos . As Bonny said “ we chose Greece and Mykonos because we love to party “.

And we cannot blame them! When London and Melbourne come together in this gorgeous island, you can’t expect anything less from an amazing wedding full of surprises ! 

A few words about Mykonos

 Mykonos is a great destination for parties as well as for weddings and it’s not a surprise that it has become a popular location for couples to tie the knot . The island’s vibrant nightlife adds an element of fun and excitement to your  wedding celebration . But Mykonos is also known for it’s landscapes such as  Windmills , which are an iconic landmark and offer breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. The white-washed buildings , crystal clear waters and golden beaches create a romantic backdrop. The best for your wedding ceremony and photos .

The warm Mediterranean climate and sea breeze make it comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Overall , Mykonos is a destination that embodies love, romance and parties making it the perfect location to celebrate your special day with people you love !

And just like that their journey begins ! Bonny & Kent are together for 11 years . A few months ago Bonny said “ I love his determination , consistency  and honesty “ and you can feel through the pictures how authentic those feelings are !

They both got prepared at Royal Myconian , a luxury resort in Elia with privileged views that will take your breath away! Bonny surprised us all , but especially Kent  with her exquisite and elegant Vera Wang wedding gown. The couple had a tearful and moving first look. We took some wonderful photos and the couple couldn’t stop starring each other. After the first look, Kent and the guests gathered in a small whitewashed chapel. They waited impatiently for Bonny to walk down the aisle towards her groom. Meanwhile, they enjoyed some refreshing cocktails accompanied by soft and romantic music. They exchanged vows and the whole scenery and vibe was amazing .

Beautiful golden hour colours , the view of the Aegean Sea , a small traditional white chapel. All friends and family were so excited by this moment… Bonny and Kent couldn’t ask for more! After the heartwarming ceremony , the celebration continued in the same place with some group photos and more drinks. But that was only the beginning! Our lovely couple had other plans for their beloved ones.

A night full of surprises was about to begin and of course Bonny and Kent did their best to make this day unforgettable to everyone !  They secretly organized the best party ever !!  A bus transported the guests to one of the most iconic Mykonos hotspots to continue their special night . Friends and family entered from rocks  in Spilia Restaurant  , a seaside restaurant in the beautiful cove of Agia Anna, literally on the rocks hanging over the sea .After the couple’s entrance , emotionaly charged speeches followed…what a wonderfull way to express your feelings and share your love and support to the newlyweds! But they had no idea what was to come next …

Best party ever !

A Drag Queen party was about to begin , high-energy dance , humor , stunning costumes ,songs and fireworks made this day even more memorable . What a unique and fun way to create a truly special experience that everyone will remember for years to come ! And somehow a special day comes to an end …we left the island and our favourite couple with our hearts full of memories and new experiences .

Thank you Bonny & Kent for this great opportunity

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