An intimate wedding in Santorini
The intimate wedding of Brandon and Chyna in Santorini. A tiny Greek island that immediately stole their hearts. Because Santorini is love at first sight

An intimate wedding in Santorini..Brandon and Chyna lived their own dream in this tiny Greek island. Because it is always a great idea to follow your heart whenever she calls you. And then, great things happen. And this is so damn sure!

    They live and work in Washington. Two independent and intelligent people whose paths crossed exactly one year before their wedding. Yes, they decide to marry on the day of their first Anniversary and they chose Santorini to host their dream. So romantic and so dreamy..

    After exchanged several mails and e-met a few months in prior, we finally met the day before the wedding. Such a kind, sweet and smiley couple. But what impressed us most, was their excitement! Literally, couldn’t hide how crazy in love they were. And why would they! Oh could feel the love in the air. Everywhere! We couldn’t ask for anything more! A beautiful couple, an incredible background and a great love that must be captured in the best way possible. 

    And here we are. Another sunny day in Santorini. We early arrived at their beautiful hotel with the most breathtaking view! Fanari Villas is one of the most impressive hotels in Oia , with all the Greek elements you expect from a Santorini hotel. All white buildings in Cycladic architecture and huge balconies overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean. It was the best scenery for a romantic wedding. 

    They got ready separately and even though their rooms was side by side, they made sure not to meet up before the first look. They solely wrote their vows and got dressed. Chyna wore her madewithlovebridal wedding gown and her impresive badgleymischka heels. So beautiful and so confident. Absolutely ready to meet the love of her life. Brandon patiently waited for her and when he first saw her..Oh gosh..! If only you could feel the vibe. His eyes spoke like saying “I’m the luckiest man in the world! And as for Chyna..oh yes, she was what people call “A woman in love”. 

   On the small balcony of their hotel, all their 16 guests admired the view while waited for them to arrive. As for the decoration, a geometric arch, beautifully decorated by juliaandevita with pampas and roses. These two women certainly now their work. Cause it’s not easy at all to make this background even more beautiful than it already is! 

    The ceremony was plain and emotional and it was sealed with a big kiss right after the “I dos “ . After some family portraits and some refreshing cocktails with their friends, we went for a mini photoshoot nearby. And one more time, we felt so lucky that we had Santorini as our work space. Warm light and earth tones combined with the white houses and the Caldera view. Everything worked out so perfectly and beautiful pictures came along so effortlessly. 

    And what about dinner goals ? A lighting structure on a wooden table, decorated with pink roses and loots of pampas !! Well, this is what I call magic. The guests took countless of pictures and tones of selfies until the moment Brandon and Chyna returned from the photoshoot. And it’s so so reasonable! It was not an average afternoon in their lives and not every day they witness such beauty. As the light faded and the sunset magically transformed the sky, our lovely couple cut their cake and gave a sugar kiss before the ultimate romantic dinner! An intimate wedding in Santorini and a first Anniversary that will always be remembered as one of the best days of their lives. And we 100% agree!

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