A honeymoon in Chalkidiki

A honeymoon in Chalkidiki. Thinking about last summer’s “adventures” , we came across this sweet couple. Pauline & Mickaël got married in France. Living their honeymoon in a famous exotic destination, was out of their mind. They wanted something else. Something out of the box. And that was the time when they accidentally came across some beautiful pictures of Chalkidiki.

Why Chalkidiki

Such a beautiful place with lots of crystal blue beaches, greenery landscapes and olive groves .. To be honest, when somebody hear about Greece, the first thing that comes in his mind is white and blue background. Well no, Greece has countless hidden treasures that need to be seen. They needed nothing more to be convinced. And that was the beginning of their honeymoon. We met in a beautiful beach of Sithonia and we took beautiful pictures near the water and between the trees. We talked a lot about Greece, which they really admire. So much fun and so many sweet memories for this beautiful couple. Pauline and Mickaël felt that they made the right choice. And that’s the greatest thing of all ❤️

we wish the best to the couple
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