A Folegandros wedding by the cliffs

A Folegandros wedding by the cliffs

A beautiful Greek wedding took place in the island of Folegandros, last summer. Did you know that Folegandros is a tiny Greek island next to Santorini? Not that famous but yet so beautiful. David and Lito is an amazing couple so smiley, so down to earth and sooo madly in love .. It only took us a few minutes to understand that, and few months later we still have the same opinion.  They live and work in London. After just three months of dating, they found out that they were expecting a baby! Not few are the couples who would feel so stressed by such an important fact but for David and Lito this was a a gift from above. When their baby girl was 2 , the baby number two was on its way. And now I wonder.. after 2 babies in the family in such a short time , is there a need for getting married in a traditional way ? I know many couples that, at this stage, they would consider a wedding as a waste of time..and money of course! Moreover, when 2 kids come so suddenly in the family and life changes so unexpectedly, do the couples stay in love , the way they were ? Well, in their case the answer can easily be given. Just look at David’s look when he sees his girl .. Oh gosh … THAT look ! And yes, the answer is yes ! A couple can stay soooo in love even after 2 kids running around them.

They chose Folegandros island. This tiny Greek island is known for its incomparable beauty and endless tranquility. Beautiful washed out houses in Chora and countless blue dome chapels spread all around the island.. just can’t  be more Greek, right? To be honest, Folegandros is one of these Greek islands that you fall in love immediately.   Friends and relatives gathered in this tiny island, to honor David and Lito. Literally from all around the world. And the 2-day party begun ! Early in the morning of day one they went on a boat trip all around the island. Hop on at secret bays and crystal blue, hidden beaches. What an experience! With their batteries fully charged they were more than ready for their big day. 

They prepared separately and they only saw each other few moments before the wedding. Words can’t describe how stunning Lito looked in her incredible Grace Loves Lace wedding gown. She walked all the way to the piqturesque church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) , accompanied by her family and friends. Highlight of the moment, the musicians who played traditional music while everybody walked to the church. Their little daughter arrived to her father on a donkey. Could it be more Greek ! Up on the highest hill of the mountain, the chapel looked so tiny..and the view..oh, That view! David, surrounded by his best friends, waited patiently for his love to come. And to be honest, the stunning view compensated them for every single moment under the hot sun. In a humble, traditional ceremony, David and Lito got married, surrounded by their two little kids and all the people they love. The two girls behind Folegandros Weddings, made sure to beautifully decorate the yard of the church and also to supply the guests with tones of rice for the newlyweds ! This beautiful wedding ended with an absolutely Greek party at the backyard of the Blue Cuisine restaurant in the Chora of Folegandros. Tasty food, Greek music and lots of dancing !

Few weeks later,  we met with Lito and David and surprisingly, we realized two things. The first one was the announcement of baby number three! They just couldn’t hide their excitement! And the second one was this. Yes! We can now say for sure, that after 2 babies and a Big Greek wedding .. oh yeah .. you can still stay so madly in love. Just ask them!  

we never lose this kind of magic
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