A vineyard wedding in Crete
A vineyard wedding in Crete a few months ago. Olive groves, vineyards and the traditional Agreco farm where everything happened.

A vineyard wedding in Crete is the best decision one can make for his wedding. The beautiful wedding of Matthew and Angharadj took place next to the vineyards and the olive groves, on the island of Crete. After some years together and a long distance relationship, they finally did it! He proposed to her at a super romantic dinner for two, in Dubai. She said yes and they immediately started envisioning their big day. Even though Angharadj has travelled all around the world because of her job, she is a flight attendant, they chose Crete. So flattering..And to be honest, they chose wise !

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and is in the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Peloponnese. Crete is not just sun, sea and sand. You can go from incredible beaches to impressive mountains, from big (and chaotic) cities to really small picturesque villages. A Greek island full of olive trees and beautiful vineyards that is also famous for its tasty and healthy cuisine. So many reasons to fall in love with Crete..and just a few that made this lovely couple choose this island for the most amazing day of their life.

Just 15 minutes drive from Rethymno, there is Agreco Farm. An iconic farm with its buildings, in a traditional village setting, standing in perfect harmony with the landscape. So Greek and so beautiful..And this magical place, was the place where everything took place.

On a warm, August day, Annika from weddingsbymoments and the whole team, did their best to make this day magical. And believe me, they did ! Starting from the Ceremony decoration, consisted of olive branches and white roses. Plain and yet do beautiful and so emotional..

Friends and families enjoying the much needed summer breeze under the olive trees, while waiting for the bride to come. Matthew looked a bit nervous at the beginning but all the stress just flew away the moment he saw her. Angharadj looked stunning and confident when she arrived, handed by her loving father. No words can describe the moment, just the look in their eyes. And just like that, these two became husband and wife. Laughter, excitement and lots of love all around the lovely couple. Cause good friends are the ones who bring out the best of you. And that’s exactly what they did. If only you could feel the vibe and get the feeling..

Such beautiful pics all around the farm. Every corner was a whole new background. Olive trees, vineyards, stone buildings..even cactus at some place. Couldn’t ask for a better background for our couple’s photoshoot. As a result, beautiful pictures came out so easily and the only thing we wish for, was for the sun not to set so fast. Cause that sunset was, literally, out of this world..Well, I must say that Agreco farm has it all !

At the picturesque made of stone yard, under the olive trees and surrounded by the Cretan spirit, they had their dinner. Everybody tasted the famous Cretan food and of course, they loved it. Lamp, olives, ntakos and kaltsounia with honey were just a few of the appetizers they tasted. Always accompanied with good wine and raki. Cause the land of Crete is a blessed land.

Emotional speeches, followed by the heart melting moment of the father and daughter dance. And for the end, the craziest party ! What a day, what a place, what a couple.. This wedding in Crete was totally out of this world. Because nothing was missing! Moments, pictures and emotions that will last forever through their photos. And one thing is for sure. Crete knows how to make you fall in love with her and always make you come back.

This amazing place will always hold a special place in Angharadj and Matthew’s heart.  And that’s a fact !
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