A romantic wedding in Beirut, Lebanon

A romantic wedding in Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut is the beautiful capital of Lebanon and one of the oldest cities in the world. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks and French were the ones who influenced Beirut’s culture. A great history behind this beautiful country. So, having the chance to shoot a wedding in this multicultural country, was more than a challenge to us.
Arm is Egyptian and Leila Lebanese. After having a distance relationship they finally decided to live together in Washington. However, when it was time to talk about their wedding, they both agreed that Beirut would be the best choice.
We met one day before their wedding at their amazing venue in the heart of Beirut. A beautiful, classic restaurant right in front of La Plage of Beirut. Amir, Leila and their beloved parents met with their incredible wedding planner, Jeylane by djeylaneevents. What we remember, so clearly, is how happy they all looked to us. So smiley, exciting and kind at the same time. Honestly, these people made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. We can now say for sure, that all the rumors about Lebanese hospitality, are not just rumors.
The next day, the sun was bright and the temperature was really high for October time. The perfect day to get married! The couple got prepared at their Airbnb in the center of the city. A beautiful, old building with high ceilings and a Lebanese scent all around it. Lots of laughs, traditional songs and wedding gifts in between their preparations. Outside their Airbnb, their crazy bus was waiting for them. An old bus with no doors, painted according to his owner’s taste, ready to offer a unique city tour to his guests. Loud music, bottles of whiskey here and there, lot of dance and tones of laughs while strolling around the roads of Beirut. What an experience! Could this be more funny? Could this be more local? Certainly no!
With the mood at its highest, we finally reached the venue. Mar arrived handed by his beautiful mother and few moments later, Leila arrived with her beloved parents.Such an emotional moment when the father trusts his treasure to her future husband..On the edge of the jetty, with the sun setting at the background between the skyscrapers of Beirut, Amr and Leila exchanged their vows. What a wedding scenery. Between the guests you could see tears of love, warm smiles and that tender look that have those who really love you..Such an emotional ceremony for these two. Exactly what they deserved it to be! After the celebrant, who was Amr’s father, announced them husband and wife, the couple walked down the isle surrounded by clapping, laughs and traditional Lebanese songs. Oh, we love so much destination weddings! Different cultures, different languages, different traditions..but if you think twice, you can easily understand that the main idea remains the same. The love of two people. The celebration of love !
After a relaxed cocktail while watching the sun set , it was now time for their unforgettable party. Definitely one of the highlights of this wedding.
In Arab culture, the zaffa is a musical procession of Bennie, drums, bagpipes, horns, belly dancers and men carrying flaming swords. This is an ancient tradition that Amr and Leila wanted to have at their wedding party. Loud noises and then dinner. Words can not describe what really happened there. What our eyes witnessed, what our hearts felt can’t be written on a white sheet. All we can remember, is that incredible vibe. So intense..so amazing..and it was so easy for us to get lost in these moments. Just dance, jump, laugh..as loud as you can! Yes, we were aware about Lebanese parties. Yes we had heard about how passionate dancers they are. But this..was something else. Totally out of mind.
Amr and Leila, managed to gather their beloved families and friends in this beautiful city. To honor them at their big day. And they did well! Under the fairy lights , with the October sea breeze all around us, the party vibe kept so well until the first morning hours. What a day!
Beirut, you will always hold a great place in our hearts.
Beirut, you will always hold a great place in our hearts.
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