4 things you must have for your elopement in Greece

4 things you must have for your elopement in Greece

4 things you must have for your elopement in Greece.

Ok, your craziness and your super excitement is above all.. But, except these, there are some things that you must NOT forget for your day. Below you can find some :

Wedding Attire: Don’t forget to pack your wedding attire, including your wedding gown or suit, shoes, accessories, and any special attire you’ve chosen for the occasion. Greece’s picturesque landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for your elopement, so dressing appropriately for the occasion will enhance the experience and create beautiful memories.

Wedding Rings: Remember to bring your wedding rings to exchange during the ceremony. These symbols of your commitment and love are essential for your elopement ceremony, regardless of where it takes place. Double-check to ensure you haven’t left them behind, as they hold significant sentimental value. Also, your vows are super important ! So make sure you won’t forget your vows books or ensure that you wrote them in your mobile.

Photographer:  Greece’s breathtaking scenery offers countless opportunities for stunning photographs, allowing you to preserve the memories of your elopement for years to come. You 2, just focus on your moments.. Live this “once in a lifetime”  experience. And let all the rest to your photographer. It’s his part to capture all of your moments. So, make sure to find the best !

Sparklers & Champagne : Light up your elopement with sparklers or small fireworks. Incorporate them into your ceremony or take photos with them afterward for stunning visual effects. We simply LOVE these pictures ! And, why not ending your day with some good champagne ? For many couples, this is a must ! Make a toast to the universe and enjoy these precious moments. A lifetime experience is about to begin..Celebrate it in the best way you can !

These are just a few. Just 4 things you must have for your elopement in Greece

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