Same sex Santorini photoshoot

A same sex Santorini photoshoot…amazing !!  Cloudy and moody weather morning in  Santorini  takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to this two sassy , beaming  , cutest duo ever . Add some love and great energy and you will get as a result  this stunning engagement session . Besides … who needs sun when you have sunshine inside your soul ?  Ask this incredible couple !!  They were such an easygoing pair and we loved our time introducing them to some of our favourite spots in Santorini island .

Let’s get to know our couple better …

  Bradley…he is a passionate  hair artist from L.A. His clients are world known Hollywood celebrities and this fact can be a bit stressful sometimes. Dustin, he is a physiotherapist in whose hands you would love to be left.  Both exhausted from their demanding jobs wanted to spent some  precious time  together to relax , recharge their batteries and to …celebrate their engagement. In Santorini of course !!  Name a better therapy than traveling around the world with someone who means …the world to you…It is more than clear that  Bradley and Dustin  are travel addicted and that is one of many  reasons that made us love this couple .  They firstly traveled all around Europe , then they chose the romantic  Santorini for their  engagement photoshoot and the neighbouring Italy for their wedding !! Can you imagine ? Santorini engagement and Italy wedding. Romance overload.

Dustin’s and Bradley’s connection is really beautiful and we can see that from their photo session. We are so glad they chose us to capture their love. Our photo session started in Imerovigli . This dreamy, peaceful  village , known as “The balcony of the Aegean “  fits perfectly to our couple’s romantic mood . They love the breathtaking views and Santorini has plenty of them. We walked through the magical alleys of the village. This picturesque village is like a painting.  Their face expressions was everything and we enjoyed some close up shots of them . Have you ever seen two people who compliment each other so well ?

What about some sparkle in the photoshoot ?

Next step was at cliffs where Bradley had an incredible idea to bring with him a speaker . So he turned on the music and started dancing with his love . They enjoyed every moment and the photo shooting seemed more than an exciting adventure for them .

What we learned from this couple is that the most beautiful things in life are not just things … they are feelings, moments, smiles and laughter.  I’m still so honored they chose us to be present for this special day .

These two are the sweetest ever and we loved this day so so much !

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