Romantic elopement in Imerovigli, Santorini

Romantic elopement in Imerovigli, Santorini

A romantic elopement in Imerovigli, Santorini. “Why we eloped in Imerovigli, Santorini ?All I could Imagine when I pictured us getting married, was us standing on a cliff, overlooking the sea” That’s what Lindsay said when we asked her about their decision to elope in Santorini.

Why we chose Santorini..

Michael and Lindsay have been together for the last 10 years and engaged for almost 3 years. He is Greek who was borned and raised in the States. For Greeks, weddings are considered to be as events of great importance. And that was the reason that held the couple back, every time they thought about eloping abroad. They love their families and did not want to let them down. Deep inside , they both wanted to elope somewhere in Mediterranean.

Michael has ties in Greece and Lindsay in Spain. So, when they announced to their families what they were planning to do, their reactions were more than unexpected. They’ve been so happy and so supportive from the very first moment. Sometimes, we tend to forget how much our parents love us.

They booked their tickets about 40 days earlier and they contacted us, less than a month in prior. They both wanted it to be plain. To elope in nature, near the water and somewhere, where the landscape was so grand that it felt spiritual. What we need to mention is that, they trusted us from the very first time and this is so, so important for our work.

As Santorini was on the top of their list, it was an easy decision for them to find the location. Caldera view, wild cliffs, stunning sea view, white houses and the famous sunset. Perfection!

They both prepared at the same hotel and tried so hard not to meet each other before the First look. Michael surprised her with a flower crown and a bouquet he ordered himself. They wrote their vows that same morning and had their First look upon a terrace with the Volcano as their background.

We drove to a beautiful cliff where they would be all alone. When they saw the view, they literally could not hide their excitement. That’s exactly what they had imagined. A place where they would be just the two of them, lost in nature with the sun reflection in the sea, as their background. Could this be any more perfect? Could this be any more precious? Witnessing your dream becoming true. Blessing!

Highlight of the day, the champagne that Michael brought all the way from the States. Just for this moment. Standing next to each other, staring at the Aegean Sea and enjoying the absolute silence.

“The idea of just being us two in a stunning location, felt so right” . Few moments afterwards, we drove to Vlychada¬† beach nearby and then to Imerovigli. This beautiful, picturesque village with the countless little chapels and the washed out, white houses. On a rooftop, few moments before the sun sets, she laid on his chest and they watched the most amazing sunset. So relaxed and so calm. I’d swear that, that moment everybody could see the pure love in their eyes..but they did not care at all. They still were in their dream cloud..

And only pictures will always remind them the power of that moment, the value of those feelings they felt that unforgettable day. The day of their insanely beautiful, Santorini elopement.

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