Flower Santorini Elopement

Flower Santorini Elopement
Santorini was the Greek island that Frederico and Caroline chose for their elopement. They instantly fell in love with the spectacular, all-white, traditional houses and the breathtaking view. And how couldn’t!

A flower Santorini elopement. Santorini was the Greek island that Frederico and Caroline chose for their elopement. They instantly fell in love with the spectacular, all-white, traditional houses and the breathtaking view. And how couldn’t! Moreover, Santorini has countless cliffside spots which are amazing if you want a great variety in your pictures. And that is exactly what our lovely couple wanted. No second thoughts for Frederico and Caroline. Yes. Santorini was the one. And they were more than ready to hold a special place in their heart for this dreamy island.

    They travelled all the way from Canada. Left back the low temperature Vancouver and came to the Mediterannean, warm and sunny climate of Santorini. A whole new world. No guests, no stress, no Nothing. This would be Their adventure and they were more than ready to live it. 

   They got ready at their beautiful hotel. An Aenaon Villas elopement is an amazing idea cause this hotel has,for sure, one of the most incredible terraces in Imerovigli, with the most unique view. They wrote their vows separately and got prepared each one on himself. Even though they were at the same area, they made sure that they wouldn’t see each other. The First Look is so important to them. And so it is for us. Frederico looked so cool and confident while Caroline looked so happy and calm. She wore her Grace Loves Lace wedding gown and which she compiled with the chic high heels from the same brand. The result was astonishing. Put her perfume on, fixed some last details in the mirror and, full of confidence, walked to meet her second half.

    Frederico waited for her at the impressive terrace of Aenaon Villas. Staring at the view and trying to guess how his love would look like. But none imagination could ever prepare him for what he saw. Caroline looked so gorgeous and he, literally, couldn’t believe what a lucky guy he was. A small but yet so big moment for these two souls. Overwhelmed with such strong emotions. Priceless. Few seconds later, they tenderly hugged to each other and stood there..staring at the view and saving this special moment deep in their souls. Forever. 

    They were so ready now, to open their hearts and say “I Do” to each other. The time had come. They were here to finally live their Santorini Elopement. On the edge of the rock, up on the top of a cliff, a beautiful set up waited for them. A triangle arch, decorated with earth tone flowers, is their arch of love. Julia and Evita made sure that everything would look perfect at the ceremony. And it did.

    Frederico and Caroline exchanged their vows in front of the most magical view, overlooking the sunset that lied right behind them. Oh my gosh..felt like the whole universe worked for them. Golden hour, amazing light and that peaceful silence..couldn’t ask for more. They had everything! This is one of these moments that make you forget all the effort, all the stress all those times you felt like giving up. They travelled from the other side of the world, thousands of miles away from their home, their friends, their families..did this really worth it? And the answer is yes! It worth a thousands times more than they imagined when they started planning their elopement . And yes, they would do it again and again and again. At least, that’s what they told us. 

    A beautiful photoshoot followed the Ceremony and you could feel the love in the air. People tend to claim that pictures make no justice when it comes to Santorini. And this is so damn right! Beautiful photos came along and the sun set before we even realise . And that’s the moment that you feel that the day is over. But no! The best is yet to come. An incredibly romantic dinner for 2 waited for them back at their villa. A magical fairy flower set up decorated with candles and countless fairy lights. Like a fairytale ! Cold champagne, candle light and just the two of us. And as the song says “love is all around us and so the feeling grows”. Cause love can blossom like a flower and that night we saw it happening in front of our eyes. Yes, their flower elopement was totally out of a dream.

    Frederico and Caroline couldn’t hide their happiness. Guess this perfect ending was exactly what they deserved. Their elopement absolutely over exceeded their expectations and we are so happy to have been part of it.


Frederico and Caroline wish you the best
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