Elopement in Boho style in the island of Santorini

Elopement in Boho style in the island of Santorini

What about an adventurous elopement in Santorini.. what about travelling from abroad to a tiny Greek island, somewhere in the Aegean Sea.. what about organising everything without even being there.. what about this and that.. James and Charlotte never thought about all these, and many more, difficulties that may arise. They had a dream and that was enough! They just followed their heart.They live and work in the UK. After the proposal, they decided that they did not want to have a conventional wedding. Deep down inside, they knew.. they shared the same desire. Being adventurous themselves, there were only one road for them : to elope ! Santorini elopement. Without second thought.

“Just you and me.. let’s get lost in a paradise and just let our love show us the way..cause I love you and You love me.. and nothing else matters.. let’s take it to the edge and live this incredible experience in the most amazing place in the world”

Could this get any better? Obviously, no ! They patiently waited and waited for months, for their day to come. The day when their dream elopement would come true. But, do dreams come true? What if…oh! no.. not even for a second did they hesitate for their decision. Just, take it or leave it! They trusted the whole planning and decoration to the super talented Evita & Julia from santoriniglamweddings. Wise choice. And here they are! James waited for his love to come. Staring at the sea and thinking of his vows. Is he nervous? Maybe..a little. There were moments that he could swear that it was his heartbeat that echoes in his head.. And there she comes.. Charlotte ! OH GOD .. she looks gorgeous in her grace loves lace wedding dress. Walking silently to meet her second half. Feeling confident and so, so sure. Precious moments of the First Look and the great beginning of the best trip of their lives.

In front of an incredible triangle arch decorated with wild flowers by Bettyfloweressantorini , right on the edge of a cliff. Holding hands together, James and Charlotte exchanged their vows and let their eyes do the rest. Cause this is the moment. The moment that two souls are connected with the power of love. The moment when two become one. The moment when love wins.. Wish they  could scream their love. But they are too tiny. So, they let the wind take their vows and spread them to the universe. Did it worth it? Would they do it again ? Did all this, achieve their expectations? The answer is YES ! They would do it again and again and again ! Perfect ending of this magical day, a romantic dinner for two with the most breathtaking view ever! Watching the sun goes down, overwhelmed with such incredible feelings.

“It may seem stupid but..don’t even wanna blink our eyes, so that we won’t loose  a single second of this magical moment” .. Moments that they will cherish for ever..

Wedding planner santoriniglamweddings
Cake Alexandra’s cakes
Flowers Bettyfloweressantorini
Venue Kamares Apartments
Catering Spicy Bites
Wedding Dress grace loves lace
Bride’s shoes Asos

Moments that they will cherish for ever
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