20 November, 2017

A romantic fairytale of two

They’ve been together for so long but you can still see the sparkle in their eyes everytime they look each other. They got married in Northern […]
2 August, 2017

From Australia to Santorini, Greece

When you manage to visit the destination of your dreams, feels like you achieved your goal.. Even when you do it with your husband and your […]
17 June, 2017

A wedding under the olive trees

Would you move to another country for the one you love ? Would you leave everything behind just to be with her? Would you learn a […]
25 April, 2017

Boho Styled Beach Elopement

This Boho styled elopement was inspired by the Greek Light. It was planned to showcase the beauty of the countryside in combination with a stunning beach.  […]
6 April, 2017

Australia to Greece

Although George & Irina live in Australia, they both wanted to get married in Greece. And so they did , without second thought .From the very […]
4 April, 2017

sifnos, the endless white island

When Panos & Joanna decided to get married in Sifnos none of them could imagine how amazing their wedding would be. Even though they live in […]
3 April, 2017

Beach wedding, all the way from Chile

A multicultural wedding is just the beginning of a multicultural life together. But, how do you Combine two different Cultures? Is love enough? When you start organizing your […]
21 March, 2017

A Romantic vineyard wedding

When Greek and Romanian cultures get together the result is an unforgettable wedding. Thanos & Andreea share their life between Greece, Romania and Netherlands. However, they […]