A Bohemian beach wedding in Greece

A Bohemian beach wedding in Greece
A bohemian beach wedding in Greece that will melt your heart. Cause Greece is the best place in the world to organise your dreamy beach Bohemian weddings

“We always dreamt of a beach wedding in bohemian style”. That’s what Aaron and Anni answered when I asked them Why Greece. He is half Greek and half German. She is German. Their love story begun 3 years before when he saw her on a random day, going to work. And from that moment, he could not get her out of his mind. He would do anything to meet her. And so he did. With his best friend’s help , the following day he treated her a cappuccino, her favorite, on her way to work. She said that she would pay for this after work. And so, he waited for hours till she gets back. And she did. Obviously, thjis was their first cappuccino but not the last one.

2,5 years later, he proposed her with the most romantic way. He created a heart shape of candles and placed the ring inside. He got on his knees and…she said Yes !  And that was the beginning of their wedding journey. They chose Kavala, a small beautiful city next to the sea. Kavala is located near to Aaron’s place of origin. They dreamt of an intimate wedding with few relatives and some good friends. And they wanted the best for them. A wedding next to the beach so that their guests would feel the sand on their feet. After all, shoes are not allowed at the Ceremony.

Aaron got prepared at Lucy Hotel with the help of his best man and friend. Anni got dressed at Imaret Hotel, surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids. She wore an incredible wedding gown by GraceLovesLace and looked stunning. Her hair and make up were done by the amazing Jean Pierre and chrysa korosoglou. What made her even more beautiful was her unstoppable smile. So sweet and confident. Just gorgeous!

At a breathtaking beach, perfectly decorated by their wedding planner Anneta and her team , by inspired moments events, the guests arrived. They looked more than excited with the amazing location and bohemian-elegant decoration and the sounds of some classical masterpieces by a violin player. In front of a flower-boho arch, Aaron waited patiently and a bit nervous, for his bride to come. And there she is. Arriving in totally Greek style, by boat. They dreamt of this moment so many times.. Such a beautiful couple in such an imaginary background. This ceremony had it all. Laughter, strong emotions and tones of love looks between the couple. Priceless moments.

After the ceremony, everybody moved to the private beach- villa the couple rent for their reception. Dinner by the pool, soft lighting, and delicious Greek food. Oh, I love so much Greek summer. Highlight of that magical night, the impressive fireworks that lightened up the sky, while the newlyweds had their first dance. Oh, what a night.. Aaron and Anni can feel very proud of their choices. Organizing your wedding from abroad is not a easy issue. The moment when you realize that everything happened right the way they have imagined it and over exceeded your expectations.. well, that’s a great feeling. Congrats to all the amazing vendors who perfectly collaborated and made this couple’s dream come true.. cause they so, so deserve it.

Wedding Planner Inspired Moments

Groom’s Attire Suitsupply tailor made
Groom’s Shoes Tod’s
Wedding Dress Grace Loves Lace
Brides’s shoes Asos
Rings & jewellery Tiffany & Co
Venue Private Villa
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