A romantic Santorini elopement

A romantic Santorini elopement

  If you are thinking of a romantic Santorini elopement …well, that’s a great idea !!

                           What is about Santorini that’s so romantic? Whether it’s the whitewashed stone walls , the breathtaking view of the volcano or the incredibly endless clear blue sea and remarkable sunsets, this charming island promises an idyllic romantic elopement and memories that last forever.

                            Gia & Aaron , proud parents of two dogs , travelled all the way from USA , Georgia . After the proposal in Florida at the beach they decided that they don’t want to have a conventional wedding, so.. they chose Santorini for their elopement . It was their first time in Greece and Santorini and we can imagine why this lovable, romantic island stole their heart and made this decision so easy .

                            Despite they missed their flight they didn’t loose their hope and excitement. They had a mission to accomplish, a dream and nothing could stop the two of them! 

                           Their motto…’ Let’s make together forever” and they did it , they  made this journey last for a lifetime!

                           The day  when their dream elopement would come true has arrived . They chose El Viento for their venue and preparation , a beautiful place at Megalochori settlement . Gia  was looking gorgeous in her Maggiesottero  designs wedding dress matching perfectly with the windmill scenery and her bouquet. Tie the knot Santorini  took care of the  whole planning and  dreamy decoration and made the night much more romantic.  

                              Everything was ready . In front of the unique view of caldera over looking the volcano and the Aegean view , Aaron is waiting ,for the first time to see his love , as a bride . His  reaction make us feel like its all worth waiting for … he couldn’t believe in his eyes. A unique moment that they will never get out of their hearts.


                              In front of a stunning setup , with a breathtaking view behind them Gia & Aaron made a dream come true ..two  souls become one . 

Emotions , laughters and gratitude fill the atmosphere. 

                             A few moments later , we had our first part of our photoshooting, in a beautiful tiny traditional  village close to the venue, named Megalochori. The sun was so warm like their hearts and their strong emotions was so pure and clear..

                             The second part of our photoshooting took part at the cliffs . Now the background and the atmosphere was so different …warm and  exotic colours dressed up the sky and left us speechless.                                                                                                                                                                                         

                          Beautiful photos came along and before we realise it was time for the dinner . Back to El viento a few minutes before the sun disappears , an incredibly romantic dinner for two waited for them. When our beloved couple first saw the set up , happiness and tears filled their eyes, wandering if its true all this or just a dream ? It seems like a dream … a magical set up , decorated with candles , pampas and flowers all in warm colours which perfectly combined  with the sunset .  A few moments later they were lost at the moment of their first dance   while  watching the sun goes down.   A super romantic Santorini elopement came to an end..


PLANNING: Tie The Knot Santorini

VENUE: El Viento

FLOWERS: Betty Flowers Santorini

DRESS: Maggie Sottero

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