Wedding in ZakinthosA wedding under the olive treesDaniel & Alex

Would you move to another country for the one you love ? Would you leave everything behind just to be with her? Would you learn a completely Incomprehensible language in a cold country thousand of miles away from yours? Well, Daniel did all these and with no second thought he decided that he would do anything just to be near to Alex. From London to Moscow. A new life and a new beginning. Because nothing really matters if your heart is incomplete. When we first met with these two, all I can remember was how enthusiastic they were when they talked about their wedding. Eventhough they lived so far away, they wanted to live their wedding just the way they dreamed it. The Greek island of Zakinthos was the perfect place for them. In the beautiful Villa Artina on the edge of a cliff, just opposite of the Turtle island. Literally, you couldn’t get enough of the breathtaking view. Alex was so elegent and classy in her Needle & Thread wedding dress . Surrounded by their families and closest friends they decided to change their vows in a beautiful scenery in front of the Ionian Sea. Highlight of this amazing wedding was the dinner table. To be honest, sometimes I felt like we were a part of Mamma Mia ! Decoration inspired absolutely by the Greek element. Under the olive trees they laughed, cried and hugged.. Daniel and Alex, your beautiful wedding ,definitely, became a sweet memory for you and your lovings.